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Welcome to the Future of Trading: Acuity Trading Launches NewsIQ


Acuity Trading, a global provider of AI data-driven trading tools, unveils a brand new product creating unique, actionable insights for brokers and traders.

Press Release

By Acuity Trading | August 3, 2023

The latest innovation from award-winning news technology company Acuity Trading is here: ‘NewsIQ,’ a unique tool designed to turn media coverage analysis into actionable trading opportunities in seconds. It offers advanced filtering, ‘hot’ news relating to the market at hand, trending instruments and news analysis all in one place.

NewsIQ combines Acuity’s NLP technology with the market-moving news from Dow Jones Newswires. It exceeds the abilities of traditional news analytics tools by analysing and showcasing significant trading opportunities based on news sentiment, news volume and price data. It can be used as a standalone news widget integrated into web, MetaTrader or cTrader, or as part of the soon to be released new Acuity Research Terminal.

NewsIQ can:


  Highlight unique AI-generated trading opportunities using multiple data point analysis.

  Offer an intuitive display of relevant news for preferred instruments.

  Provide rich and engaging content marketing assets, with powerful visualisations for truly engaging campaigns.

  Deliver a fast return on investment with quick integration and deployment (customisation without coding).

  Supply professional analytical content pieces for deeper understanding of market activity.

Andrew Lane, CEO Acuity Trading;

“Embracing the fintech revolution, Acuity Trading is once again at the forefront of innovation with the game-changing NEWSIQ tool. As the global provider of AI data-driven trading tools, we’re proud to unveil this cutting-edge product that redefines the trading landscape for brokers. This revolutionary tool surpasses traditional news analytics, empowering brokers to identify and capitalise on market-moving opportunities based on news sentiment, volume, and price data. 

Acuity’s tech analyses an array of market insights to generate trading ideas and gauge market volatility. Other Acuity Trading products include AnalysisIQ, AssetIQ, the Acuity Corporate Calendar, and AI-Driven Economic Calendar, which have earned Acuity Trading the title of ‘Best Specialist Data Provider’ at the Technical Analyst (TA) Awards and many shortlisted nominations across the fintech industry. For more on the unparalleled edge that Acuity’s data-driven research provides, explore further resources and solutions at

About Acuity Trading

Acuity Trading revolutionised the online trading experience for millions of investors with the introduction of visual news and sentiment tools in 2013. Today, Acuity continues to lead the fintech market with alpha generating alternative data and highly engaging trading tools using the latest in AI research and technology. Acuity’s team of academics, scientists, news and market professionals are dedicated to delivering highly effective data products that bring value to investors of all levels and experience. Flexible delivery options include APIs, MT4/5, plug and play widgets and third party automation services. 

For further information or to request a demo, please visit 

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