Empowering every investor

Recognising that informed decision-making is a cornerstone of successful investing, Acuity Trading aims to level the playing field in the financial landscape by ensuring that all investors have access to top-tier data analytics and insights.

In its bid to reach every type of investor, Acuity ensures flexibility in its delivery mechanisms whether through user-friendly trading platforms, APIs, cloud-based services or customisable deployments. By fostering financial literacy and inclusivity, the goal is to enable individuals to take control of their financial futures and participate confidently in the world of investing.


Pushing the boundaries of NLP technology with UPC Barcelona

The Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) is one of the leading technical universities in Europe and is instrumental in the research and development of Acuity’s NLP technology and creation of our alternative data sets. Our relationship helps Acuity to remain at the forefront of the industry with the latest techniques and capabilities in this fast paced environment.


Market-moving news and analysis from Dow Jones

Dow Jones is a leading provider of real-time financial news and information. Acuity formed a strategic partnership in 2017 which permits Acuity to analyse Dow Jones Newswires for news sentiment data and to act as resellers of the Dow Jones news and macro-economic calendar products.

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Unique, cutting edge data, AI tools and analytics for the financial markets.

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Leverage the sharpest data for your alternative trading strategies.

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We are proudly supporting the CR Hope Foundation

The CR Hope Foundation is a wonderful charitable organisation that aims to provide education, promote amateur sports, and fight against poverty for children and youths in Zanzibar. Acuity is privileged to be part of this initiative.

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