Valutrades & Acuity: Turning Actionable Insights into Market Trades

With the help of Acuity technology, traders with a Valutrades account can now find and place new trades with greater ease, speed and confidence. 

Valutrades can now offer clear calls to action, transparent strategies, defined target levels, and recommended entry/exit points across multiple distribution points including: Telegram, Instant Messaging, MT4/MT5 and Email.

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Valutrades Objective


When it comes to marketing, the online brokerage market is one of the most competitive. With average cost per acquisition (CPA) in the region of £1,500 per client and extremely high churn rates, getting a return on marketing investment and keeping clients engaged beyond their first trade was a big challenge for Valutrades.

Traditional paid marketing activities are highly competitive in the market and therefore, unsurprisingly, very expensive too. So keeping traders after acquisition is vital for success. Valutrades were continually looking for innovative ways to stretch their marketing budgets further and unlock some competitive advantages through new, alternative data tools and distribution channels. 

Valutrades Actions


Valutrades invested in Acuity’s Signal Stream which turns rich analysis and unique data into instant, actionable trading ideas and longer term strategies that have clear and concise calls to action, live updates and risk management features. Combined with powerful visualisations, it makes placing trades quicker and easier for them. 

Signal Stream delivers value in a number of ways compared to traditional marketing activities. Its combination of quality, professional content, innovative design, intuitive features and ease of distribution all contributes to added value. 


Ease of Use

Clients report finding the system intuitive and effective.

Repeat Customers

Valutrades’ trader clients are returning to use our insights again and again.

Higher Conversions

With trade signals, Valutrades has brought on more than 4,000 leads in the first year alone.


“We've achieved over 4,000 leads in the first year...”

Graeme Watkins
CEO, Valutrades

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