Acuity Welcomes New Work Experience Student, Bakarina Kebe

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August 25, 2023

By Acuity Trading

Award-winning fintech news analytics and NLP technology company Acuity Trading welcomes Bakarina Kebe to its London office.

We are pleased to introduce Bakarina Kebe, an A-Level student spending two weeks in Acuity Trading’s London office for work experience.

Bakarina is joining us from St Dunstan’s College where she studies Computer Science, Economics and Design Engineering. She is the first Sixth Form student placement we’ve hosted- other student support experiences at Acuity include a past work placement for Milos Christoforou, a graduate student who went on to pursue a Masters in Business Administration at Nova Southeastern University, and our ongoing work with students at UPC Barcelona.

The Acuity team is very impressed with all Bakarina has learned and accomplished in this time. Our London office works to offer solutions for professionals working in Hedge Funds, investment banks, portfolio management, and more, assisting with algorithmic trading, investing, and risk management strategies. By learning alongside pros in the fintech and data software industry, Bakarina is building her confidence and setting herself up for success.

“I’m hoping to become more familiar with the kind of workplace environment I might find myself in after university,” she says. “I’d like to properly learn about the importance of teamwork, cooperation and communication amongst one’s colleagues. Also, as someone who’s quite reserved, I also want to see how you display confidence in one’s profession; the people I’ve met at Acuity interact with people on a daily basis and are very compelling in what they say. I think that’s something really important for me to learn.”

Bakarina hopes to break into the IT industry one day. She is aiming for a career in software engineering as an engineer or developer with a cutting edge company. To this end, here’s what she has to say about her time at Acuity so far:

“The experience has been very insightful. It is a sneak-peek of sorts into what an office workplace is like in the modern day. It has also given me an interest in the world of trading, as I have been given the opportunity to see how lucrative it can be firsthand. Everyone here at the office has been really patient and helpful in showing me what it’s like to work in finance tech and assisting me with the tasks I’ve been given.”

Would you or someone you know be interested in work experience with Acuity? Bakarina recommends it. To anyone considering following her lead, she has some words of wisdom.

“100% go for it, especially if you’re looking to work in the technology sector or sales,” shares Bakarina. “Even if you’re not particularly interested in finance, there are multiple things worth learning at Acuity and everyone is more than willing to show you the ropes here.”

Thank you for joining us, Bakarina! We at Acuity are certain you have a very bright future ahead.

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News Story

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