Acuity Trading Partners with Excent Capital to Enhance Trading with Advanced Analytical Tools

Press Release
March 12, 2024

By Acuity Trading

Acuity Trading, a pioneering provider of cutting-edge market analytics and trading solutions, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Excent Capital, a global platform known for its innovative trading solutions.

This collaboration is set to equip Excent Capital with Acuity’s state-of-the-art trading tools, including AnalysisIQ, Economic Calendar, and NewsIQ, all available in multiple languages to cater to a diverse global clientele.

Excent Capital is renowned for its commitment to leveraging technology to provide investors with superior trading experiences. By integrating Acuity Trading's advanced analytical tools, Excent Capital aims to empower its clients with deeper insights and a more comprehensive understanding of market dynamics.

Through the partnership, Excent Capital’s clientele will gain access to Acuity’s suite of products. Excent Capital’s clients will now have access to professional market research and trade signals, combining AI-driven technology with expert human analysis for transparent, actionable trade insights.

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Excent Capital now have access to:

AnalysisIQ: Delivered by the FCA-regulated team at Acuity's Signal Centre, AnalysisIQ stands at the forefront of trading technology, offering seamless integration across an array of platforms including web, mobile, MT4/5, and instant messaging & any proprietary technology. Leveraging the latest in AI-driven technology paired with the acumen of seasoned analysts, AnalysisIQ provides traders with clear, actionable insights into market trends. This powerful combination ensures that Excent Capital clients will receive not only data-driven predictions but also the nuanced context behind them, allowing for informed decision-making in trading activities.

NewsIQ: An unparalleled advanced news tool designed to transform the trading landscape by offering deep insights into popular assets through the lens of media coverage. This innovative tool goes beyond the realm of traditional news feeds by meticulously curating information and predicting potential market movers with remarkable accuracy.

By harnessing the power of extensive media analysis, NewsIQ empowers traders to identify and capitalise on unique trading opportunities that are often influenced by the latest news. This capability not only enhances risk management strategies but also elevates the process of spotting lucrative opportunities in the market.

Crafted with precision for brokers and traders alike, NewsIQ is a strategic ally in navigating the complexities of the financial markets. Its foresight into potential market performers, based on real-time news data, bolsters trading decisions, ensuring a competitive edge in fast-paced trading environments.

AI-driven Economic Calendar: A comprehensive tool designed to transform the volatility of global economic events into tangible trading opportunities for traders. This state-of-the-art calendar stands out with its unique blend of in-depth insights, advanced filtering capabilities, and intuitive displays, ensuring that traders not only stay informed about critical economic updates but also remain proactive in their trading strategies.

By leveraging artificial intelligence, Acuity’s Economic Calendar meticulously analyses global economic events, providing traders with a dynamic tool that translates complex market volatilities into actionable insights. This enables traders to anticipate market movements, adjust their strategies accordingly, and capitalise on opportunities as they arise.

The calendar’s AI-driven nature ensures that it delivers a personalised experience, tailoring its insights and notifications to suit individual trading preferences and strategies. With its focus on ensuring traders are always ahead of the curve, Acuity’s Economic Calendar is an indispensable resource for Excent Capital traders looking to navigate the markets more effectively, making informed decisions based on the latest economic developments.

These tools are designed to seamlessly integrate across various platforms, from web and mobile to MT4/5 &  proprietary technology, providing Excent Capital’s clients with unmatched trading insights.

Rodolpho Brito, CEO Excent Capital,

“The partnership between Excent Capital and Acuity represents a significant step forward in the provision of advanced trading tools and analytics to our trading community. By combining Acuity’s technological prowess with Excent Capital’s financial expertise, this collaboration is poised to redefine our offer to traders, offering unparalleled resources to our worldwide client base.

Andrew Lane, CEO Acuity Trading:

“Our partnership with Excent Capital is a testament to our shared commitment to enhancing the trading experience through technology and insight. We are proud to bring our advanced analytical tools to Excent Capital’s clients, further empowering them in their trading decisions."

Press Release

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