Acuity Trading launches AI-driven Cof stock traders and multi-asset

Press Release
June 23, 2023

By Acuity Trading

Covering all major corporate events, the new Acuity Corporate Calendar, powered by Dow Jones, delivers a wealth of unique, leading insights for stock traders looking to capitalise on the opportunities created by global corporate actions.

With retail investors’ share of total equities trading volume now approaching 25%, up from 20% in 2020, BNY Mellon the new calendar is an exciting new acquisition and engagement tool for brokers trying to attract the new generation of traders captivated by the high profile stock-based products.

Combining market-moving corporate news from Dow Jones Newswires with Acuity’s NLP expertise, the Acuity Corporate Calendar analyses multiple data sets to help anticipate not only the likely impact of upcoming events but the scale of the effect over time. 

This revenue-generating tool offers a fast ROI and a rich marketing asset for brokers. The visual, forward-looking insights of the Corporate Calendar is a simple and effective way for marketers to plan marketing communications around specific events of interest, using live data to maintain engagement levels up to and after the event.  

Available via MT4/5 or HTML5 widgets for fast deployment and without developer resources required or API for greater flexibility and customisation options including marketing automation software.

For more on the unparalleled edge that Acuity’s data-driven research provides, explore further resources and solutions here:


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Press Release

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