Acuity Trading announces new partnership of financial alternative data

Press Release
December 8, 2020

By Acuity Trading

Acuity Trading, a leading alternative data provider of market insights, today announces its partnership with data solutions company Crux Informatics. The move will see Acuity Trading utilise the data processing clout of Crux Informatics to further unlock the world’s news content from unstructured data into actionable trading tools and intelligence.

The partnership will take Acuity Trading’s market leading NLP technology, AI trading software signals and data analysis to the next level. Acuity combines expertise in news, technology and computational science to provide market professionals with alternative views of the markets. Acuity analyses news content from Dow Jones Newswires, which includes content from The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s, to assess underlying market sentiment towards global financial instruments.


“We are excited to partner with Acuity Trading to deliver their sentiment data to a broad range of customers, reducing
the friction associated with delivering and operating data feeds. With our flexible set of data delivery channels and 24×7 oversight of the data, we look forward to getting Acuity’s data into their customers; hands quickly and easily,” said Michael Rude, Head of Go to Market at Crux Informatics.


“Exciting times lie ahead for our team. Partnering with Crux Informatics is the natural next step for Acuity Trading as we scale our data services and enable more investors to streamline their onboarding process. The combination of Crux’s data processing powers and operational support interwoven with our unique data sets will empower traders to discover individual alpha for competitive advantage,” Andrew Lane, Co-Founder, Acuity Trading.

Press Release

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