Acuity Trading announces new hires to drive news sentiment innovation

Press Release
November 12, 2020

By Acuity Trading

Pre-Covid-19 Acuity Trading was already operating a remote, global team streamlined for agility and innovation. We’ve now begun to expand our team to take our news analytics to the next level and offer our broker clients an ever evolving innovative and intuitive integration for their trading software. We’re delighted to welcome Vladislav Novopoltsev as a Product Manager and Gustavo Avalos as a Data Scientist to the Acuity Trading team.


Vladislav Novopoltsev, Senior Product Manager

As a Product Manager Vladislav will be based in Acuity’s Spanish office in Barcelona. He’ll be utilising his previous experience of financial newswires, machine learning algorithms and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to optimise the performance of Acuity’s suite of products while ensuring Acuity’s global clients can access both excellent products and exceptional customer service.

“Acuity Trading’s goal is to solve some unique problems for the customers (be it brokers, investors, or market professionals) using AI technology and diverse data. I’m extremely excited to be at the forefront of creating and improving the product suite with this goal in mind. It is certainly challenging, but the reward of being able to solve these customer problems makes it worthwhile,” comments Vladislav.

Vladislav brings to Acuity Trading a wealth of programming, cloud and technological experience from working with brands including Dow Jones, Microsoft Xbox, Gumtree UK, Groupon UK and Renault UK.


Vladislav’s main role with Acuity Trading will be to head-up a team focused on developing and driving strategies for new products and initiatives. As part of this he’ll manage the new product ideation process with input from our product and academic partners alongside our stakeholders and clients. He’ll also streamline business processes and manage a team responsible for implementing product upgrades and optimising the consumer experience to build best-in-class products.

Nikki Carpenter, Co-Founder, Acuity Trading;

“Our international team is delighted to welcome Vladislav to Acuity Trading. His extensive experience and ability to manage teams and drive change through innovation will be invaluable as we take our news data analysis to the next stage in our business growth plan.”


Gustavo Avalos, Data Scientist


Acuity Trading’s news sentiment analysis engine is maintained by some of Europe’s leading NLP and API programmers. We are always striving towards improvement, optimisation and innovation and to maintain this momentum we welcome Gustavo Avalos to join our team. 


Gustavo will work from Spain as part of our team of infrastructure technicians who focus on software development and engineering. Gustavo brings to the team a unique understanding of news reporting and back end data management, having worked on developing the mobile news site, databases and Sentiment Analysis Engine (SAE) for El Universal Online newspaper in Mexico and as a researcher for the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC).

“Working for Acuity brings together some of my core interests in economics and technology and allows me to expand my knowledge base and experience at the cutting edge of developing AI and NLP technologies,” comments Gustavo.

His recent statistical work with The Barcelona Centre of Mathematics Research (CRM) supporting the Spanish Government in developing their web based systems and INAR hidden Markov chains algorithm to track cases of Covid-19 will also be an important skill-set as the team evolves Acuity’s ability to track trends within markets and news topics.

Andrew Lane, Founder Acuity Trading;

“Gustavo joins our team of academics who are dedicated to evolving our products and ensuring that the latest cutting edge technologies and systems are applied to our platform. Our academics keep us ahead in a world of ever evolving technology”. 

Press Release

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