Acuity Trading announces new hire growth across quantitative investors

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January 24, 2022

By Acuity Trading

Setting its sights firmly on institutional markets, Acuity Trading is kicking off 2022 with a clear plan for growth in this sector by hiring business development lead, Jack Lawrence.

When Acuity Trading began nearly a decade ago, its business offering focused on the retail trading sector. In the interim years, Acuity has worked hard to advance its alternative data services to meet the exacting needs of systematic funds. Significant investment and the establishment of a research and development hub to bring together Acuity’s team of data scientists with the UPC Barcelona research facility helped to expedite the successful building of Acuity’s own proprietary NLP technology. With these tech advances now in place and an award-winning data set proven in the fintech field, Acuity is now in a position to break-out and leverage the Acuity Trading products to the benefit of quantitative traders and institutional markets. 


Nikki Carpenter, co-founder, Acuity Trading says a key part of Jack’s role will be to facilitate and streamline the trial process and act as a conduit between Acuity Trading and the Acuity Analytics data science team to advance Acuity’s research and product development. 


“News and other text based information once converted into numerical format, offers a rich and valuable resource for the professional investment community. By striving to continually evolve our technology while developing new and unique data sets we aim to add even greater value to traders. 


To assist clients in this area we have hired Jack to help manage the client trial process, support clients to derive optimal value from our data sets and act as a link-man between our systematic trading clients and our research and development teams.”


Based in Acuity’s London office Jack will be focused on delivering Acuity Trading’s alternative data solutions into the heart of Hedge Funds, investment banks, portfolio managers and professional trading outfits to drive their alpha trading strategies. 


Jack’s extensive experience working with international IP Performance Data teams sees him bring a comprehensive understanding of the power of news and analysis to the Acuity Trading business development team. He’ll be utilising his previous experience to empower clients to access and harness the full potential of Acuity’s suite of alternative data and cutting edge research.  


“Working with data in a B2B environment has been a staple of my professional life. To take on this opportunity with Acuity allows me to use my existing news and business information experience and expand upon my knowledge with a company that is at the cutting edge of data and technology,” adds Jack.

News Story

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