Meet Acuity Trading at iFX EXPO International 2024

May 28, 2024

By Acuity Trading

Join Acuity from June 18-20, 2024, at the City of Dreams Mediterranean Integrated Resort in Limassol, Cyprus, for iFX EXPO International 2024. This premier event is a fantastic opportunity to connect with industry leaders and explore the latest advancements in financial technology.

At Acuity Trading, we are committed to empowering brokers with cutting-edge investment data, trading tools, and analytics. Our technology, driven by the latest AI research, is fully customisable to align with your brand, product offerings, and languages. Our tools, available through widgets, APIs, EAs, email, and instant messaging, are designed to integrate seamlessly into your operations, enhancing the trading experience for your clients.

Why Meet with Acuity at iFX EXPO 2024?

Visit us at booth 91 at the City of Dreams in Limassol to discover how our suite of alternative data insights and visually compelling trading tools can elevate your clients' trading strategies. By booking a meeting with us in advance, you can discuss how our innovative solutions can benefit your brokerage and harness the sharpest data available.

Book a meeting in advance: 

iFXEXPO 2024 International Cyprus Meet us

PLUS, save the date: On June 19th at 11:20am join our CEO, Andrew Lane, in the Speaker Hall at City of Dreams for his talk, “The Intelligent Ledger: AI & ML Transforming FinTech,” as part of the #iFXTALKS series.

  • Ever wondered how open OpenAI is?
  • Curious about how AI and machine learning are revolutionising the financial world?
  • Imagine a world where AI and ML are not just buzzwords, but the driving forces revolutionising every aspect of financial technology.

You don’t have to imagine—the future is here and live at iFX EXPO conference stages!

AI and ML are the twin engines propelling the FinTech sector into a future brimming with possibilities. These innovations are not just about technological advancement; they are about creating a more inclusive, efficient, and resilient financial ecosystem by:

  • Revolutionising Financial Infrastructure & Services
  • Fostering Innovation & Collaboration
  • Promoting Ethical AI and Sustainable Growth

iFXEXPO TALKS 2024 Andrew Lane

About iFX EXPO

iFX EXPO is the dominant online trading expo, bringing together thousands of C-level executives from the world’s top brands, along with hundreds of fintech innovators and affiliates. Fast-forward 13 years from its inception, iFX EXPO has become the quintessential gathering in the online trading space, setting the standard for industry events.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with Acuity Trading and explore how our advanced tools can transform your trading operations. See you in Cyprus!


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