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Transforming financial news into actionable trading strategies is effortless with NewsIQ. Its unique AI-driven insights uncover the latest, alternative trading opportunities that can't be found with traditional methods. 

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Advanced Filtering Capabilities

Advanced filtering capabilities lies at the core of NewsIQ, slicing through information overload to spotlight the most significant financial market news influencing current market trends and opportunities.

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Dow Jones Neswires

Dow Jones Newswires offers traders unparalleled value with its global coverage, extensive depth, and breadth of financial market news. Upheld by professional editorial standards, it assures traders of top-quality, reliable information.

NewsIQ-Rapid Integration

Seamless and Rapid Integration

Effortless and speedy integration through multiple channels including web, email, MetaTrader (MT4/5), cTrader, Telegram, Hubspot plus many more. 

NewsIQ Unique Forward

Unique Forward-Looking Insights

NewsIQ streamlines research for traders, eliminating the need to sift through countless articles to find trade ideas. It spotlights the most impactful stories, providing insight into their market implications.

Benefits for Brokers

Educates clients
Stimulates trading activity
Creates brand differentiation
Personalised content marketing
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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. Contact us if you have a specific question that you would like us to answer. 


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Why do you use Dow Jones Newswires as your news feed?

Dow Jones is considered a good source of financial news due to its long-standing reputation, quality journalism, comprehensive coverage, real-time updates, global perspective, market insight and access to historical archives.

Is Hot News the same as breaking news?

No, we use news analytics technology to identify news stories that have met certain criteria and are considered important to readers at the time. For example, if it is related to a high impact calendar event or an asset which is receiving a high volume of news compared to its average. 

How are the Newsworthy Instruments identified?

We use news NLP technology and a proprietary formula to analyse assets against a range of criteria and against each other to determine which assets are performing outside of their norm.