Effective Email Marketing

Delivering real-time data directly to traders' inboxes ensures timely, relevant content precisely when they need it. With personalised insights tailored to each trader, brokers can deepen client engagement, foster loyalty, and drive lasting relationships.

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Latest data, every time

No matter when you send your email campaigns or which time zones your clients are in, our advanced email technology ensures that when they open the email they get the latest information, every time.

Trade now buttons

Click Through Trade Buttons

Help your traders to exploit opportunities within the email content with embedded  "Trade Now" or "Open Account" buttons which provide direct access to your trading platform.

Effortless Campaign

Effortless Campaign Management Made Simple

Our Dynamic Email dashboard streamlines campaign setup, removing the hassle of multi campaign coordination. Effortlessly personalise, brand, and deliver up-to-the-minute information in every email and engage with your traders more effectively.

Segmented Content for Lead Generation

Segment Content for Lead Generation

Our versatile customisation features means you are in control of the content your traders see. Segment according to trader preferences; reward top tier clients with premium content or use the blur feature as part of a lead acquisition strategy.

Seamless and Rapid Integration-2

Seamless and Rapid Integration

Our dynamic emails integrate smoothly with traditional CRM systems, enabling you to seamlessly synchronise client communications and track engagement in the same way as your regular email campaigns.

Benefits for Brokers

Increased Engagement
Enhanced Client Retention
Improved Conversion Rates
Cost Savings on Marketing
Competitive Advantage
Dynamic Email Benefit 1

Intuitive Campaign Creation Workflow

Configuration Workflow-Dynamic Email

Get sharper investment data with Acuity


Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. Contact us if you have a specific question that you would like us to answer. 


+44 208 1330095

How many signals do you offer in a day?

We offer on average 40-50 trade ideas per day across three global time frames.

What is the risk/reward ratio of your signals?

Each trade displays the risk and potential reward. All trade ideas published have a risk/reward ratio in excess of 2:1, sometimes this can be even as much as 5:1.

Do you have a freemium version of your signals?

Yes. We have a Freemium version for marketing purposes and integrations available for Telegram.

Does AnalysisIQ allow to place trades automatically within MT4/5?

AnalysisIQ allows users to quickly place trades within the trading platforms, but it’s currently not possible to enable automatic order execution.