The Pinnacle of Corporate Calendars

Unrivalled in sophistication and functionality, our Corporate Calendar provides potent AI-driven insights into global corporate actions data, empowering traders to seize opportunities in the equities market.

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Advanced Filtering Capabilities

Traditional and alternative data filtering capabilities enable your traders to selectively identify stocks with significant trading opportunities, enhancing precision in their stock-picking strategy.

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Dow Jones Newswires

Dow Jones boasts unparalleled depth and breadth in corporate events actions data and financial news coverage. Experience unmatched insights and stay ahead in the dynamic corporate events landscape with Dow Jones and Acuity's AI-driven insights.

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Unique Forward-Looking Insights

Unique earnings data insights such our Earnings Surprise Index and Price Range data enables traders to anticipate market movements before, during, and after corporate events to plan their trades in advance and manage risks more effectively.

Emailer Integration

Seamless and Rapid Integration

Effortless and speedy integration through multiple channels including web, email, MetaTrader (Mt4/5), cTrader, Telegram, Hubspot plus many more. 

Combine with our Economic Calendar for an effortless multi-asset experience.


Benefits for Brokers

Stimulates trading activity
Educates traders
Generates revenue
Engages clients for longer
Creates brand differentiation
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Simplified Decision‑making

Acuity's unique data analysis delivers unrivalled insights into the financial markets compared to traditional calendars.


How will this help my traders?
  • Highlights new trading opportunities quickly and easily
  • Identifies optimal entry and exit points
  • Helps with planning trading strategies well in advance and managing risks
  • Delivers unique insights that help to make more informed decisions
  • Offers a one-stop, multi-asset experience with easy access to corporate and macro data*

*Licence required for Economic and Corporate Calendars

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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. Contact us if you have a specific question that you would like us to answer.

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Why do you use Dow Jones for your Calendar data?

Dow Jones is an excellent source of corporate calendar data due to its commitment to accuracy, comprehensive coverage, global reach, timely delivery, historical data availability, integration with financial news and their professional reputation.

Is the Corporate Calendar available in MT4/5?

Yes! All our tools can be accessed via MT4/5 as an EA as well as a variety of other delivery options.

Can we customise the Corporate Calendar to display only the assets we offer?

All our tools are fully customisable. Everything from the colours and styles, to customisable watchlists.

What is the coverage currently available in the Corporate Calendar?

We include corporate data on more than 11,500 global companies.