Forward-Thinking Analysis

Combining seasoned technical analysts with advanced AI technology, we perform thorough market analysis, leveraging professional trading expertise to provide resilient risk/reward trade ideas for traders of all levels.

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Clear Calls to Action

Clear Calls to Action

Every trade idea features precise target levels, confidence ratings, and ongoing updates, streamlining your traders' ability to identify and time their trades effectively.

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Transparent Trading Strategies

Our team of expert analysts generates and verifies each trade idea, providing accompanying strategies to enhance transparency and understanding for traders. 

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Multiple Data Points

Our trade ideas are crafted using a variety of market indicators, encompassing news sentiment, calendar data and technical indicators for a comprehensive and informed approach.

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Potential Risk / Reward Ratios

Every trade idea showcases both risk and potential reward, with all published trade ideas maintaining a risk/reward ratio exceeding 2:1, occasionally reaching as high as 5:1. 

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Seamless and Rapid Integration

Effortless and speedy integration through multiple channels including web, MetaTrader (MT4/5), cTrader, Telegram, Hubspot plus many more.

Compliant-friendly approach

AnalysisIQ is produced by PIA-First, an entity authorised and regulated by the FCA. This commitment to regulatory standards builds trust and fosters loyalty amongst clients, enhancing the trading experience with your brokerage. 


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Created by human analysts

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Enhanced by AI technology

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Traditional & alternative data

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Performance monitored

Benefits for Brokers

Attracts a broad client base
Stimulates trading activity
Delivers a fast ROI
Lowers CPA and churn rates
Builds loyalty, trust and brand differentiation
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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. Contact us if you have a specific question that you would like us to answer.

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How many signals do you offer in a day?

We offer on average 40-50 trade ideas per day across three global time frames.

What is the risk/reward ratio of your signals?

Each trade displays the risk and potential reward. All trade ideas published have a risk/reward ratio in excess of 2:1, sometimes this can be even as much as 5:1.

Do you have a freemium version of your signals?

Yes. We have a Freemium version for marketing purposes and integrations available for Telegram.

Does AnalysisIQ allow to place trades automatically within MT4/5?

AnalysisIQ allows users to quickly place trades within the trading platforms, but it’s currently not possible to enable automatic order execution.