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News Sentiment on the Turkey Crisis, US Interest Rates, Wall Street & Crude :: 20 Dec 2016

December 20, 2016

Last week we had some big news from the Fed in Washington so let’s get right at it and...

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GBPUSD New Lows, Crude Bull Run, Silver News Sentiment and a Look at the Week Ahead

August 16, 2016

Taking a look at our results from last week you may recall that we had Bearish News Sentiment on...

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Defining pornography in 1964 – a challenge for Artificial Intelligence?

August 20, 2015

In 1964 Potter Stewart, an American Supreme Court judge, found it impossibly difficult to set a legally watertight definition...

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A top line guide to Big Data in trading today

May 11, 2015

“It’s data Stupid.” I hear Bill Clinton saying to his fund manager. Every day I read more and more...

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The App Store is dying

May 7, 2015

10,000 apps are created every month, but 600,000 websites are created daily, App stores serve as a great way...

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Fear in the CHF, a look back on the past week

January 16, 2015

A client asked me today how people were feeling towards the CHF, so I took a look at our...

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2015 a year of hot news, FX volatility and the importance of using sentiment

January 14, 2015

By all media accounts Europe will be an interesting year in terms of politics. Lets just take a moment...

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Hashtags and Cashtags on twitter

November 28, 2014

A recent study by an Investor Relations firm in Germany has uncovered some data that is of real interest...

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Some big Data everyone can understand, looking at RUB/USD trade

November 27, 2014

Recently I was in Moscow talking about big data at an event sponsored by Google and Telerate. It made...

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What people feel towards the FX Industry

November 25, 2014

So the FX industry has been hit by Libor and interest rate fixing, whales, and incredibly low volatility recently....

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