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Acuity’s data science and NLP technology is at the cutting edge of text and data analytics. We analyse content from premium and open sources to uncover unique insights on the financial markets. 

Powerful Data

Turn unstructured data into actionable insight and manage risk with our comprehensive news and data solutions that can optimise your algorithmic workflows.

Sentiment Analysis & Nowcasting
Topic Modelling
Corporate Data
Brand Sentiment - Coming Soon!
Acuity Trading's News Sentiment Analysis & Nowcasting leverages advanced AI to scrutinize global financial news, delivering instantaneous market sentiment analysis. It aids traders in making informed decisions by offering real-time insights, identifying trends, and predicting market movements based on the tone and content of financial news coverage.

Key features

Archive icon
20+ year news archive
Data Points
43 million data points
Global Assets
80,000+ assets globally
Ticker Mapping
Point-in-time ticker mapping
Global Coverage
Global coverage
24 metrics, 9 emotions, 2 volume + 1 other
Normalised Scores
Normalised scores
Extensive tagging
Strong data characterisation

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