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Unlocking market opportunities

Our sophisticated NLP technology unlocks valuable market insights from the world’s news content, turning unstructured data into actionable trading tools and trading strategies for investors of all levels of experience.

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Finding patterns within the market data

AI technology makes it possible to turn infobesity into a trader’s advantage by aggregating, analysing and visualising global news content at scale, in real-time. By leveraging big data in this way, new and often subtle pattern detection is possible, empowering traders with alternative trading ideas and opportunities.

We do this by using NLP technology to transform the unstructured nature of news content into structured data and analysing it using a series of scientific methodologies.

By studying the data we are able to identify patterns and look for correlations with other data, making an even more powerful source of data. In doing so, we can reveal many hidden insights from the news and other disparate data sets. Acuity then makes it easy for investors to find these insights through visually compelling and intuitive displays.

News Analytics

Understanding the market

News is a rich and powerful resource for investors. From breaking headlines to commentary and analysis, news collectively conveys the mood of the market. By understanding the current mood of the market we can more accurately predict market behaviour. News analytics enables us to do this on a global scale in an automated way, bringing additional benefits over traditional news feeds.

Uncover granular opinions

Spot trends more easily

Analyse disparate data sets

Combat infobesity

News Sentiment

How does news sentiment help us to trade?

News sentiment data is a powerful asset for traders, effective on its own in generating trading ideas or combined with technical or fundamental analysis as a confirmation tool. Valued for its directional properties, sentiment data can quickly identify changes in market mood, helping to predict market behaviour and associated price movement.

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News Volume

How does news volume help us to trade?

News volume acts as an effective proxy for market volatility. The more news that there is in the market, the greater the volatility there is likely to be. Volatility metrics can be used to time entry and exit points as well as identify outliers in the market for unique trading opportunities.

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Calendar Data

How does calendar data help us to trade?

Traditional calendar data is a rich source of leading and lagging indicators that can highlight both opportunities and risks. When combined with alternative data sets it delivers superior insights, helping traders to successfully navigate the market during the most volatile times and take advantage of the fleeting opportunities that news events provide.

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More features of Acuity's solutions

  • Multi-Asset Data
  • Global Themes Data
  • Hourly & Daily Data
  • Full & Partial Story Scores
  • News Archives
  • Multiple Sentiment Types
  • Plug & Play Tools
  • MT4/5 Expert Advisors
  • APIs
  • Multiple Languages
  • White Labelled
  • Scaleable

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