CR Hope Foundation Page

Acuity Trading has chosen the CR Hope Foundation as their annual outreach towards charitable causes. This fantastic charity launched in 2016 with the objective to provide education, promote sports and fight against poverty for children and youths in Tanzania. The charity’s team is formed by 30 committed members and volunteers. They come from all over the world, yet they share a common desire for making the world a better place through quality education.

Co-founder Renos sharing a tender moment with the local children

Time left to reach our target


The 'R' in CR

Co-founder Renos Fountoulakis, who lives in Dubai, was visiting the island when he was moved by the struggles he witnessed the local people faced every day. He observed that many children had no access to schools and barely had enough money to live. This sparked a desire to form a charity to provide free education for as many local children as possible.

Renos (on the left) and Casiano (on the right) shaking hands

The 'C' in CR

Co-founder Casiano Ismaili Mbise was a souvenir seller on the tourist-filled beaches of Zanzibar who struggled to make ends meet. One day, a kind tourist made Casiano the offer of funding six months of English training, as well as financially supporting his family while he studied. This random act of generosity helped Casiano improve his English dramatically, helping him save enough money to open a shop.

Renos smiles after a long day of donating clothes to the children

It was not until the two met by chance that the idea for CR Hope began to take shape. After discussing their ideas, stories and shared passion for education,  Casiano offered to use a small piece of land that he owned to build a school in Kizimkazi, Mkunguni where local children could learn for free.
Renos and Casiano agreed that this would be the most effective way to help and improve the future of the locals. Cassiano could even use his local network and friendships to save money on materials and tradesmen.

Casiano is organising sporting activities amongst the children

The School

The charity is currently within the process of building and preparing the school on Casiano’s small stretch of land. The project is well underway, and their aim is for it to be fully operational by next year. In order for this to happen the charity has to raise a further $85,000 to receive the appropriate licensing by January 2020. At Acuity, we want to help CR Hope Foundation achieve this goal!

Birdseye view of the school under development. There is much more work to be done before becoming fully operational in 2020, stressing the importance of raising the money in time.

Casiano is discussing the plans for the school with the local workers

Watch this brief documentary for further insight into the CR Hope Foundation. To find our more visit their website or follow them on social media