Plug & Play Widgets

Designed with speed of integration in mind, Acuity’s stylish and customisable widgets can be installed on your website in under 5 minutes so your clients can gain instant access to our invaluable sentiment data and start making more informed trading decisions today.

Alerting users to changes in market mood towards any given asset, the widgets are an ideal tool for traders of all experience who are looking for fresh trading ideas or more confidence in their trading strategies.

  • White labelled
  • Customisable
  • Easy to install
  • Multiple display options
  • Available for any asset class


Here are a sample of some of our more popular widgets, used by brokers and their clients, to get an instant snapshot of the mood in the market.

All widgets are linked to the News Sentiment Chart where users can compare price and sentiment over selected time frames for the observables they are interested in.

Install these widgets on your website with a click of a button for instant access to our sentiment data or speak to us about more bespoke product offerings.

Sentiment Radial Gauge

Designed in a classic speedometer style, this widget is best used to complement an existing research page, providing users with a no-nonsense indication of market consensus towards their chosen asset that can help corroborate trading ideas.

Sentiment Market Alerts

The Market Alerts widget looks for patterns in news sentiment data. When certain patterns appear, historical instances are analysed to determine how similar patterns have affected price in the past to give traders a sense of what might happen next.

Sentiment Matrix

The Sentiment Matrix allows users to monitor multiple assets and multiple sentiment types at the same time.

Using colour to indicate which sentiment is driving which asset, the Matrix widget gives users a cross-asset view to trigger trading opportunities.

News Sentiment Chart

The News Sentiment Chart allows users to see how price has reacted historically to sentiment. Incorporating news volume, users can also see how news stories fuel volatility.

For more advanced users, the Sentiment Chart can be plugged in to an in-house charting application to set signals and alerts in the same way that price is currently used.


1Select widget: choose which widget you want to display on your website by selecting it from the drop down list.

2Adjust settings: choose whether to display the widget name or give the widget a different name and adjust the colours to suit your brand.

3Copy widget code: once you have customised the widget, copy the code displayed in the box

4Paste widget code: paste the code in to your frame on your website