Bespoke Development

Differentiate yourselves from your competitors by incorporating Acuity’s news sentiment data in to your existing trading tools or combine with your proprietary data to offer your clients unique products and an enhanced user experience.

We are currently working with a number of clients in developing customised trading tools, either by enhancing existing tools or creating something exclusive for their top-tier clients.

Develop in-house or outsource the development to Acuity and start taking advantage of the benefits that a bespoke offering can bring you and your clients such as:

  • Attract new clients with new, cutting-edge tools
  • Retain your top-tier clients by rewarding them with products of value and which are unavailable elsewhere
  • Demonstrate your thought leadership
  • Generate new trade ideas and increase trade volumes


sentiment complex_new colours

Examples of enhanced product offerings using sentiment

Here are some examples of where Acuity’s news sentiment has been integrated with existing tools or used to create unique products:

Interactive Multi-Displays

Sentiment Complex- Colour ChangeCreate a unique and engaging user experience for your traders with multi-display designs, user-defined filtering and interactive functionality.

Stock Screener

Stock screener

Integrate sentiment in to your stock screener and allow investors to search for stocks based upon their historical sentiment performance. For example, identify which stocks are regularly receiving positive news compared to their peers or ones with low news volume and therefore undervalued and missed by investors.

Research Websites


Incorporate news sentiment data in to all corners of your research page for an exciting new research experience for your traders that provides all the tools they need in one place.

Enriched News Service


Bring your news feed service alive by incorporating sentiment data in to the text. Add click through functionality for more insight in to the story or to find out what is driving the peaks and troughs of sentiment