Teletrade, Moscow: “The Currency Markets. World Practice”

EVENT DATE: 20th November 2014

Andrew Lane, founder and Managing Director or Acuity Trading, joined a panel of leading industry experts at the inaugural Moscow-based financial conference on macroeconomics and foreign exchange markets on 20 November 2014. This prestigious event, broadcast live on Google TV, was the first event of its kind and is being held in celebration of the 20th anniversary of European, award-winning broker Teletrade.

In his presentation, Lane showcased the evolution of financial news in trading strategies, from the days of ticker tapes to today’s new technology-led mediums such as news analytics and elementized news feeds now employed in the foreign exchange and other markets.

The conference, in partnership with Dow Jones, Google and Reuters, called “The Currency Markets. World Practice”, was organised to give leading foreign and Russian experts at the conference a platform to discuss what macroeconomic factors affect currencies’ dealings most and how; what will happen to global currencies in the near future and if there is revenue opportunity in the currency markets. Amongst the industry elite were speakers IMF Senior Resident Representative, Bikas Joshi and Chief Economist of Alfa Bank, Natalia Orlova. Other notorious industry experts speaking alongside Lane in the workshop on ‘Global Market. How to make a profit’ were Nick Leeson, Nouriel Roubini and Jack Schweiger.

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