The team


Andrew Lane, CEO

Andrew’s exposure to news analytics came during his 10 year career at Dow Jones. Here Andrew specialized in news-based products, managing the accounts of many large financial institutions and specialist Forex companies. More significantly, it was during this time that Andrew worked with a selection of companies who were developing innovative technologies that were set to transform the way news is delivered and used in the financial industry.

Serving in a number of sales roles, Andrew witnessed how this next generation technology was gradually being adopted and valued by his clients around the world. He was working increasingly with the retail online trading sector and began identifying opportunities to bring this cutting edge technology to his clients in this area. These observations, based upon the practical understanding of clients’ needs, became the foundation of what is now Acuity Trading


Nikki Carpenter, CMO

Like Andrew, Nikki’s first encounter with News Analytics came during her time at Dow Jones where she worked in a number of marketing related roles. Responsible for their financial news wire products and specifically their algorithmic trading products when they were first introduced, Nikki was also at the advent of the big data revolution within the financial sector.

Since leaving Dow Jones Nikki has worked with a number of start-up organisations and in particular, continued to work in the news and information sector where she has helped owners to identify and harness the value of their information beyond their immediate client base.


David Adair, Director

After qualifying with Arthur Andersen where he worked as a manager in both the Audit and Taxation practices, David worked for a number of years in the media industry. His roles included those of CFO and COO for various Film and Television companies and he joined HSBC Investment Bank as a Pan European Media Analyst. Continuing his connection with the media industry David set up his own consultancy where he provided services to both traditional and new media businesses. More recently he has been working as a partner at Jenson Solutions Limited as well working for Jenson Funding Partners.


Brad Alexander, Chief Analyst

A former FX Consultant and Interim Manager, Brad brings more than 30 years of sales and marketing experience to Acuity Trading.

Brad is well versed in advanced technology tools and has a deep understanding of the retail-brokerage market. A retail trader himself, Brad is helping clients to harness the potential of Acuity’s sentiment indicators across the globe.